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History and Introduction
In according to the restructuring of the National Defense University, the Department of Power Vehicle and Systems Engineering was established in November 2006 by integrating teaching and research resources from three venerable academic departments including Department of Weapon System Engineering, Department of Vehicle Engineering and Department of Naval Architectural and Marine Engineering. In additional to the original Master programs of Naval Architectural and Weapon System Engineering, a new Master program of Vehicle and Transportation Engineering was also created. The PhD program is still offered under the Graduate Institute of Defense Science.
All of our faculty have rigorous engineering professionalism and are devoted to teaching. Under faculty’s guidance, cadet can choose one of the undergraduate programs from Weapon System Engineering, Vehicle and transportation engineering, or Naval Architectural and Marine Engineering based on their interest. The curriculum of each program is well designed to ensure the cadet is competent to their assigned billet and career development after their graduation. The school also provides an excellent character education program as well as a corps of cadet management system to develop, train and inspire cadets become leaders.
Our faculties are committed to establish the best department in Taiwan for articulating skilled officers in the field of power vehicle and systems engineering. Most of our faculty have years of teaching experience to help cadets acquire fundamental knowledge with a range of appropriate pedagogies. Our faculty members are also active on research to create and discover new knowledge in their field. In addition, our faculties are constantly providing training courses and consulting services to our armed forces to help them resolve problems related to the weapon system design, manufacturing, maintenance and acquisition as well as their life long learning needs.
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Educational Objectives
        The main vision of our department is to cultivate officers who are specialized in integrating weapon and vehicle systems. The core professional course of our curriculum is “system engineering” which is the fundamental knowledge for understanding the life cycle process of weapon or vehicle systems. Grounded on the core course, cadets can select one of the tracks from weapon system engineering program, vehicle and transportation engineering program, or naval architectural and marine engineering program which is designed to fulfill needs of our armed forces.
Teaching and Research Focuses
1.Cultivating system engineering officer who can integrate weapon and vehicle system for our armed forces.
2.Providing undergraduate and graduate education programs to educate officers who is skilled in maintenance, testing and evaluation, researching and development, and management of weapon and vehicle system by the combination of core courses of system engineering and the specialized courses in the filed of weapon, vehicle or battleship program.
3.For the specialized course of weapon system engineering, we emphasis on the capability of weapon system acquisition, system engineering analysis, system engineering management, integrated logistics operation planning, weapon system maintenance and management, and maintenance fire and control of missile system.
4.For the specialized course of combat vehicle engineering, we emphasis on the capability of maintenance, logistics support, manufacturing, testing and evaluation, and research and development of various vehicles and battleships.