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Department of Power Vehicle and Systems Engineering



The latest military technology! The team of the Department of Hou Guangyi, the teacher, developed the "electromagnetic ejection" ~ news report

The technology of electromagnetic ejection has gradually been applied to the military in recent years. The US Navy's latest aircraft carrier, the Ford, replaced the traditional steam piston with electromagnetics and ejected the carrier's aircraft. The CCP is also studying electromagnetic ejection technology, and the PLA’s next-generation ship is believed to be used. In Taiwan, the Department of Power of the National Defense University of Science and Technology (Zhongzheng Institute of Technology) is the only academic unit known to carry out related research. The electromagnetic ejection developed by the team of Hou Guangyi, the teacher of the department, is still in the laboratory stage. However, it only takes about one meter or so of the track to accelerate the warhead to three Mach (three times the speed of sound), which is already higher than the initial velocity of the general artillery.
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